Kelli “Old-School Mama”

Kelli bio picKelli is unique in the group, because she has already successfully raised her two children to adulthood.

She’s a tough, determined mama: she birthed both of her babies with zero pain meds, and breastfed both until 18 months (while pumping at her full-time job in the days before breastfeeding legislation or double electric pumps!). She may not be up on the latest products or trends, but she knows what babies like. She’s a master at classic baby skills like swaddling and soothing, and she doesn’t need extra gadgets or gear to keep her grandson entertained. Kelli understands the long game, and helps remind new moms that 1) Yes, this will pass, 2) All moms go through ______ too, and 3) Yeah, you’re probably making it more complicated than it needs to be.

Kelli’s back-to-basics advice is invaluable in today’s complicated, high-tech baby world.